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The new album from plas

Plas is a studio based project, focusing on music and (very) amateur video, hailing from the North West of England. Influences are wide ranging, including Gary Numan, David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Suede, Beck and Liam Lynch. 

The new album 'Messenger', follows on from the 2017 debut album 'Here in this room', and is a mix of dark electronics, heavy guitars and nightmare visions of a broken future. With subject matter ranging from the breakdown of  society, depression, unrequited love,  and the arrival of beings from another world, the album takes a bleak look at the future awaiting us all.

The new album 'Messenger' will be available from 5/11/2018.


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Listen here

messenger plas 3.jpg

Uniform - Plas Promo video


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